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About Our Shared kitchen community

We provide an affordable industrial commercial kitchen to Las Vegas culinary companies.
About Slice Shared Commissary
Slice Shared Commissary, where creating unforgettable dining, passion, and vision come to life.

Your success is our success. We provide everything you need in a clean, tailored commercial workspace. By working together as a family and team, we help each other reach our goals in this business.

Sell products at national chains, local markets, or online retailers? Cater elegant weddings, elaborate dinners, and extravagant parties? Have a YouTube channel or cooking blog? Create and teach? Sure, why not? We got you.

We are glad you found us, whether you’re expanding your existing business or embarking on a lifelong dream, or an exciting new idea. We are here for you, 24/7!

Slice provides clients with a kitchen workspace without the high monthly rent of your own dedicated space. Our kitchen comes fully stocked with amenities, so you don't need to pay for new appliances or major kitchen tools. We provide fully compliant working spaces built to meet all area regulations for food vendors.

Hours of Operation: 24 hours, 7 days a week

This is a new beginning where possibilities are endless. Let’s Cook!

What we’re up to

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